A revolutionary software that instantaneously capturing all sales transactions securely from all POS's in real-time, presenting dynamic and vivid reports on gross sales to mall landlords hustle-free and on-spot. Designed for mall retailers to collect daily sales data from all tenants seamlessly and electronically.

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Cloud-based software
  • Zero integration


A software dispatching e-receipts for shoppers' to fully analyze spending and make price comparison among all purchases.

  • Web Accessible
  • Smartphone Mobile Application
  • One-app for all; Receipts, coupons and more.

e-gift Card

Inspire your current customers and attract new ones with amazing gift ideas!

  • Unlimited access to all shops within our network
  • Super easy to use and incredibly safe


A module that progressively help customers keep track of all their points from different retailers without having to carry around paper and plastic cards all the time.

  • Increase sales and traffic
  • Spend less time and effort on reviewing points for redemption
  • Strengthen brand loyalty and awareness


A simple yet powerful tool that allows retailers to send coupons to customers' smart devices with ease and comfort.

  • Easy redemption
  • Automatic generation
  • Creates buzz